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Technology Maturation: Further development and demonstration of a high-pressure magic angle spinning (MAS) probe for use in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

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As a result of a multiyear LDRD effort on the Carbon Sequestration Initiative, a new MAS capability was developed for NMR analysis of materials that would potentially be used in underground CO2 sequestration. Because such a probe would need to replicate the high-pressure conditions of the geologic carbon sequestration environment, an entirely new type of probe capability was needed. Deployment of this unique probe throughout the NMR research community will potentially benefit several mission areas, including CO2 sequestration, exploration of new energy sources and development of new catalysts. Ownership of the probe developed in this project will be vested in the U.S. Department of Energy, so that the probe can be utilized within EMSL in future research by internal and external users. The technology is expected to have a wide-range of applications beyond geochemical realm. This would include any sample where a controlled gas environment and maintaining temperature and pressure is important, this includes biological applications. Recent EMSL user proposals from DOE funded resources including BER, EERE and BES have expressed interest in using the technology. At the conclusion of this lab-level Technology Maturation project (EPR 64117), an option agreement is in place where potential licensing of the technology to a small Colorado company is possible.

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Principal Investigator

David Hoyt
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Team Members

Hardeep Mehta
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Eric Walter
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Jesse Sears
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Jian-zhi Hu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Related Publications

Walter E.D., L. Qi, A. Chamas, H.S. Mehta, J.A. Sears, S.L. Scott, and D.W. Hoyt. 2018. "Operando MAS NMR Reaction Studies at High Temperatures and Pressures." Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, no. 15:8209-8215. PNNL-SA-130852. doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b11442