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Solid State 183W MAS NMR at High and Ultra High Magnetic Fields

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The goal of this research is to establish a capability to study tungsten heteropoly acids and dispersed tungsten-oxide absorbed on high surface support materials. The possibility will be explored by setting up solid state 183W magic angle spinning NMR at high and ultra-high magnetic fields available at EMSL User Facility. As a first step, the sensitivity (S/N) of the experiment will be examined on model compounds of bulk materials at 17.6T field using a double-tuned 5mm home-made MAS probe that is capable of sample spinning rate of more than 10kHz and can be easily modified to resonant at 183W frequency (31.6MHz). The technical data generated from this research, e.g., S/N versus sample size and sample spinning rate as well as how to optimize the S/N by optimizing the RF circuit, etc., will be used to guide the design of a second generation of MAS probe that will eventually make solid state 183W NMR practical.

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Capability Research
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Principal Investigator

Jian-zhi Hu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Team Members

Jesse Sears
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Charles Peden
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Yong Wang
Washington State University

Related Publications

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