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Development of a single-cell top-down proteomics platform for understanding rhizobial infection process

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We aim to extend EMSL’s leading capability in ultrasensitive/single cell proteomics to measure intact proteins in individual plant cells. We will address major challenges in ultrasensitive top down proteomics including: 1) How to reduce protein loss to container surface during sample processing? 2) How to efficiently separate low amount of proteins and identify them by high resolution MS/MS? We will integrate the top-down mass spectrometry capability with our single cell proteomics technology to profile protein post-translational modifications during early nodule development and to better understand rhizobial infection process.

Project Details

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Principal Investigator

Ying Zhu
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Team Members

Piliang Xiang
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Naomi Uwugiaren
University of Gdansk

Mowei Zhou
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

William Chrisler
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Related Publications

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